We are
Chocolate Broccoli,
a game kitchen.

We are convinced that with our interactive games, children can learn better in a more intuitive,
experiential way.

Who are we?

We are Chocolate Broccoli. We’re a game studio that develops educational games for children. We see ourselves as a game kitchen, because we approach the development of our games in a way that one would approach a recipe.  By combining the different “ingredients” that make both gaming and typical education work, in a fresh, innovative and engaging way.

Parents and children have different desires and needs when it comes to gaming. Parents want their children to spend their time usefully. Children, above all, want to be engaged. Until now, there was little innovation in the field of education that crafted engaging, yet informative and educative experiences for children. With Chocolate Broccoli, however, that has changed.

What makes us unique?

Many video games are fun, but children don’t learn much from them. Other games are educational, but children find them boring. The starting point for us is to develop a real game that children will engage with for extended periods of time. A game that challenges children to think on their feet and apply what they’ve learnt. A good educational game ensures that the player wants to play further and continues to learn. We visualize the learning progress of the child in a transparent and fun way, so that parents know exactly how the child is developing and what role they can play to support their progress. This is what we believe sets us apart from the competition and existing solutions.

The team.

Chocolate Broccoli consists of a team of young and seasoned professionals. Anneke Noteboom is our math and didactic specialist. She ensures that our games are not only effective, but also responsible and complementary to a child’s learning processes. Frank Pynenburg is in charge of marketing on behalf of Chocolate Broccoli. Jacqueline van Rhijn is our lead design artist and has overseen the visual development of our games since our very first day. Jeroen Verloop is our game developer. Wybe Grovestins is responsible for finance and organization. Robbin Lieverse is our game designer. 

Our vision and mission.

As an ambitious game studio, Chocolate Broccoli wants to make the world a little bit better, for both children and parents. We know that concepts from the gaming industry can significantly increase the learning efficiency of children. When children practice while having fun, they build skills and self-confidence without any undue stress or strain. Finally, our emphasis on effective, efficient and engaging learning will deal with the everlasting parent-child discussion on wasted screen time. This will lead to a more positive overall home environment.

Our approach.

At Chocolate Broccoli, we put our users first. Our design team and our math specialist work very closely together to combine gameplay and didactics effectively. With regard to didactics, we base ourselves on the latest scientific insights. We then test these concepts in several research rounds with teachers, children and their parents.

Where do we stand right now?

We have embarked already some time ago and are currently moving towards our first game release: a math-centric game for kids between the ages of 7 and 12In our view the possibilities for educational games are endless. It is our ambition to develop more games that combine fun gameplay and effective learning practices from 2022 onwards.

Join us on our journey.

From the very inception of our products, to the moment they arrive on your doorstep, we involve target groups and experts in the development process. As a result, the Chocolate Broccoli team reiterates and develops our products with constant input from teachers, parents and other experts in the field of academia. Do you want to register as a game tester? Please contact us.

Where can you find us?

Our game studio is located in the Werkspoorfabriek in Utrecht in the Netherlands. This space, which is a former industrial complex, is currently home to 48 other like-minded companies, ranging from creative studios – like ourselves – to companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in their respective fields.

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